In 2016 we have exposed the BlueCAMP tents to extreme Dutch weather circumstances. The volunteers of the Waddenvereniging have tested the tents extensively during the summer. “With the information that we have gathered, we will learn how we can improve our camping experience with maximum comfort and minimal footprint”, says Ron van de Wiel, co-founder of Blue LOOP Originals. “We strive for innovation and we believe that our blue DNA can live beyond garments. We hope that BlueCAMP does not only inspire us, but everyone out there to become more sustainable and valuable. With al the positive reactions concerning the tent, we are looking at opportunities for bringing BlueCAMP to the consumer market. Last year BlueCAMP was already part of the festivals Into The Great Wide Open and Welcome To The Village. This year we will be present at Here Comes The Summer and – yet again – Into The Great Wide Open and Oerol!. We have expanded the sleeping capacity for festivals to thirty tents. BlueCAMP is an all-round sustainable and fun concept that shines a complete new light on outdoor living. So stay tuned for more!”