The forgotten craftsmanship: Fishermen Sweaters

The forgotten craftsmanship: Fishermen Sweaters

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For centuries, Dutch fishermen have tamed wild seas and rivers. During these cold and rough journeys they were dressed in unique, warm sweaters that were knitted by their wives. These sweaters were the first knitted tops ever worn as work wear. Every village had its own recognizable pattern, which was passed on from generation to generation. In collaboration with Stella Ruhe we have given these nostalgic knitting patterns a makeover. Meet our Fishermen collection!

Our fishermen collection is based on the research of Stella Ruhe in the archives of the Hannemahuis. Old, characteristic photographs of rough fishermen inspired Stella Ruhe to research the history of the patterned sweaters. Until 1950 Dutch fishermen wore thick, knitted sweaters when they were away at sea. Stella found more than 60 original knitting patterns from 40 different Dutch villages. In September 2013 she launched her book ‘Dutch Fishermen Sweaters: A Tribute to Craftsmanship’, which has been embraced by many people since. Together with Stella we share a passion for authenticity and the Dutch nautical heritage. We therefore joined forces and recreated nostalgic fishermen sweaters as part of our collection.

One of our top sellers is the fisherman sweater from Harlingen, a town in the Dutch province of Friesland. The Harlingen features one of the most classic Dutch designs ever. The heritage of this sweater goes back to the 19th century: a real original fisherman knit with lots of history. In collaboration with the Wadden Sea Society we re-launched their original fisherman sweater. The navy sweater celebrates their 50-year anniversary as protector of the island area in the north of the Netherlands. This sweater can be worn year-round with a unique, soft blend of recycled denim, lamb wool and nylon. Given the popularity of the Harlingen fisherman sweater, we have released a new version in 2017, which is more durable because of the higher percentage of recycled material. The Waddensea Sweater is a real addition to your wardrobe with an improved fit and a new mix of yarn with recycled denim, recycled wool, polyamide and silk. The thick knit of the sweater is ideal for a morning stroll in spring, or a cycling tour in autumn. A sweater to be worn proudly: outside on the mudflats or inside in front of the fireplace.



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