RELINNEN - King of Coolness!

RELINNEN - King of Coolness!

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It's no secret that summers are getting hotter. But don't worry: this isn't an article about carbon footprints or fossil fuels, it's a practical guide to surviving the heat - with the help of our old friend, linen!

Our Relinnen T-shirts are not only extremely comfortable to wear and highly breathable, but they are also better for the environment than many common materials. We'll delve into the sustainability of linen later, but let's first take a look at how linen has become a summer favorite.

The King of Coolness!
Sweat stains? No more. Scientific research has shown that linen is cooler than cotton or silk. Linen has high moisture absorption and is relatively stiff. Firstly, linen helps "absorb sweat," while also providing "ventilative cooling" by creating space between the garment and the skin.

Furthermore, linen simply feels much lighter on the skin than cotton and is less suffocating than materials like polyester. The breathable and cooling properties of linen make it the perfect remedy for scorching summer days.

Exists for thousands of years!
In theory, linen is the strongest natural material. It withstands the test of time - the world's oldest dress is made of linen! In our Blue LOOP Originals Relinnen styles, we give this beautiful material a high-quality second life. Our shirts are made up of 85% lyocell linen (recycled).

Plant-based perfection
Linen is a natural material that requires minimal resources to grow. The flax plant thrives in poor soil and requires less land area compared to cotton, for example. In comparison to cotton, the flax plant needs only half the amount of water.

We love linen because it's naturally cool. Linen is highly breathable, and its natural character makes us proud to wear it.

Check out our collection of recycled linen here.



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